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Notable UFO sightings and alien abductions

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5 Notable UFO sightings and abductions

It is no secret that UFO sightings and abductions have been reported since the beginning of time.

It is no secret that UFO sightings and abductions have been reported since the beginning of time. Here are five notable UFO sightings and alien abductions reported.

1) Phillip Corso is the author of “The Day After Roswell“. He is said to have given a deathbed confession that Roswell involved a spacecraft. He claims that discoveries such as Kevlar body armor, stealth technology, night vision goggles, lasers, and the integrated circuit chip all have their roots in alien technology from the Roswell crash.

2) John Mann and his family were abducted by aliens and taken aboard the ship. The aliens told them that they were looking for a new planet to colonize, as their own was being destroyed.


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3) Bruce Gernon says in The Bermuda Triangle, his space/time warp experience that he coined, “electronic fog” which appears out of nowhere and engulfs the aircraft and travels with it.

4) While traveling across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, Christopher Columbus reported many strange sightings within the Bermuda Triangle. In his journal, he recorded seeing stars that appeared to move around in the sky and a glowing object came out of the water and shot into the sky.

5) Known as the Pascagoula alien abduction case, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson contacted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office claiming they were abducted by aliens while fishing. He claims three legless aliens abducted them.


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