Who was Jesus?

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Jesus is revered on Earth by many names: The Son of God, God in human flesh, God, and salvation.

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Who was Jesus? There are many names given to Jesus on Earth: the Son of God, God in human flesh, God, and the Savior. According to the Christian faith, there is one supreme God, and the Bible is a written revelation from God to humans. In addition to being the Son of God, Jesus Christ lived without sin, performed miracles, was crucified for the redemption of mankind, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. In the heavenly realm, he intercedes for us and is returning to earth for judgment one day. Humans can receive eternal salvation free from sin if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior to enter heaven after they die since Adam and Eve sinned. As a result of His death on the cross, we are redeemed from our sins. A person can be reconciled with God by accepting Christ's sacrifice made possible by His death.

Jesus was born to Virgin Mother Mary and this is commemorated with the holiday of Christmas.

Jesus performed many miracles such as changing water to wine, rising from the dead, casting out unclean spirits, healing a leper, stilling a storm, and splitting the red sea. He taught peace, love, and ancient wisdom. Easter is a very important holiday in the Christian faith because it is the time Jesus was crucified on the cross. The crucifixion is recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Matthew 27 1:54. Notably, in the story of the burial of Jesus, he was dead for three days, rose from the dead, rolled the stone back, and ascended into heaven.


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Although Jesus was not originally from Earth, he was born as a human. Was Jesus capable of performing such miracles due to advanced technology? Was there something unique about Jesus which made him be treated in such a way? Did Jesus look different from other humans? What was his method of rising from the dead? What enabled him to ascend into space? Could there have been a spacecraft waiting for him? Could he have a helmet in the form of a halo? Who was Jesus?

One thing is for certain, he promised to return.



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