The 12 Mysterious “Triangles” Around Earth

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Although The Bermuda Triangle is the most talked about area, there are many other bodies of water and land areas with dark secrets, missing crew and boats, and paranormal activities. Here are 12 mysterious “Triangles” around Earth.

  1. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is the most famous of all the triangles known as The Devil’s Triangle or The Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Devil’s Triangle is 500,000 square miles of open water in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. In the last 50+ years, this area has claimed over 700 boats, 120 planes, and countless lives. The circumstances are similar in that they vanished in fair-flying weather without a trace. Bodies are never found and there are no explanations as to what could have happened. There are cases where the rescue team has also vanished without a trace. Ships have shown up empty with no signs of struggle, the crew, and all passengers gone. Aeronautical and navigational equipment have stopped working and/or changed course by itself and sailors have witnessed strange sights and lights in the area. Many pilots report seeing electronic fog just before they disappear. Visitors to this area report a variety of strange energies and supernatural phenomena. Numerous legends describe star beings traveling in and out of these places from other worlds.

2. The Alaskan Triangle

The Alaska Triangle is located in a vast remote wilderness area twice the size of Texas. This area is hundreds of times more deadly and is located between Utqiagvik, Anchorage, and Juneau. In the last 30+ years, 16,000 people have disappeared without a trace, which is much more than the amount in the Bermuda Triangle. The Alaska Triangle is one of the most mysterious and dangerous places on Earth. Ships have gone missing, planes down, and many people have vanished with no remains found or any good reason. The greatest risk in the Alaska Triangle is in the air with over 2,000 planes crashed or vanished in the last 20 years. Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle are common and many paranormal researchers believe these occurrences could be paranormal activity. Since the dawn of time, there have been stories of paranormal activity in Alaska that continue to the present day. UFO encounters have been historically linked to areas of high military activity and this state has nine major bases. The Alaska Triangle has had other unusual activities of bizarre paranormal activity with sightings of monstrous beasts in the lakes and forests. With 16,000 people and many planes missing, it remains one of the most mystifying mysteries on the planet.

3. The Dragon’s Triangle

The Dragon’s Triangle is also known as The Devil’s Sea (Ma-no Umi in Japanese) and The Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific. On a map, this area connects Japan, Taiwan, and Yap Island. According to ancient Chinese legend, dragons live deep beneath the surface, and their movements can cause waves, whirlpools, thick fog, and sudden storms. Over five military vessels and a number of fishing vessels disappeared in the sea between Miyake Island and Iwo Jima, especially during the 1940s and 1950s. In 1952, the Japanese government sent a research ship named Kaio Maru No.5 to investigate the missing vessels in the Dragon's Triangle that were reported to have gone missing without a trace. The Kaio Maru No. 5 also went missing without a trace with 31 crewmembers onboard never to be seen or heard from again. The Devil’s Sea was declared a danger zone for shipping by Japanese officials.

4. The Michigan Triangle

The Michigan Triangle lies within Lake Michigan. Ludington and Benton Harbour, Michigan form the first side of the triangle. The second side runs from Benton Harbour to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Manitowoc to Ludington is the third side. Researchers have been fascinated by the bizarre occurrences in the vicinity of the magnificent lake for centuries. This area has tales of missing boats, UFO activity, and downed aircrafts. During a flight from Seattle to New York City in 1950, Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 vanished over the Michigan Triangle. Despite a thorough search by the Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates, neither the plane nor any of its 58 passengers were ever found.

5. The Bennington Triangle

Strange phenomena are a hallmark of the Bennington Triangle in Vermont. In the 1940s and 1950s, five people disappeared from Glastenbury Mountain in the Bennington Triangle, which is centered around Glastenbury Mountain. The Bennington Triangle is said to be the site of UFO sightings, bigfoot sightings, missing persons, strange lights, and strange sounds. In Native American legend, the area is cursed. There are ghost towns of Somerset and Glastenbury along the woodlands around Glastenbury Mountain, as well as towns like Bennington, Woodford, and Shaftsbury. For over 200 years, there have been numerous sightings of a bigfoot-like creature in the mountains known as “The Bennington Monster.” Many people have vanished without a trace. Others have seen strange floating lights, mysterious woodland creatures, and UFO activity. 

6. The Bass Strait Triangle

There is a stretch of water known as the Bass Strait that runs between the state of Victoria from the island of Tasmania in south-eastern Australia. The strait measures 190 mi wide and 120 mi north to south. Despite being known for rough currents and winds, it is not a particularly remote or unexplored place today. The Bass Strait has a history of being regarded as a place of mysterious phenomena and strange disappearances. This area of sea earned its nickname “The Bass Strait Triangle” because of its reputation for paranormal sightings and activity, UFOs, and missing ships and planes. On October 28, 1978, Frederick Valentich left for King's Island aboard a Cessna 182 Skylane light aircraft for a training flight over Bass Strait in Australia. As Valentich flew over Melbourne, he radioed air traffic control about engine problems and was followed by what at first appeared to be a large aircraft with four bright lights about 1,000 feet above him. No other aircraft were scheduled to be in the area, nor were any showing up on the radar, but Valentich persisted. His radio went dead and no one heard from Valentich or his plane ever again. 

7. The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle also known as The Black Triangle is 30 miles South of Boston, Massachusetts. There are three towns that make up The Bridgewater Triangle: Rehoboth, Abington, and Freetown, with Bridgewater in the middle. Raynham, Brockton, Norton, and Taunton are also in the vortex. Paranormal activity can be traced back to May 10th, 1760, witnesses described seeing a dazzling “sphere of fire” near Bridgewater and Roxbury that was brighter than the sun. Since then, there have been reports of gruesome animal mutilations, UFO sightings, suicides, ghostly figures, Bigfoot sightings, strange serpents, and ghostly warrior dancers. Additionally, Bridgewater Triangle is home to the mysterious Dighton Rock. The Dighton Rock has mysterious etchings on it and is near the creepy Hockomock Swamp's Grassy Island Burial Grounds that The Wampanoag people called “the place where spirits dwell.”

8. The Romblon Triangle

The Romblon Triangle covers the entire province of Romblon, with the endpoint being the Concepcion municipality, between Dos Hermanos island, and Sibuyan island in the Philippines. In 2014, Lemuel Cipriano, the mayor of Sibale town in Romblon said, “So many ships have made the Romblon Triangle their final resting place. They went down to their watery grave with thousands of people on board.” This area is known for destruction, major accidents, missing persons, and shipwrecks with no explanation as to what could have happened. According to urban legends, a golden “ghost ship” appears before disaster strikes manned by Lolo Amang, a Filipino version of the Flying Dutchman.


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9. Matlock Triangle

The Matlock Triangle is located in Derbyshire Dales England also known as the UFO capital of the world. This area is known for its lights in the sky phenomenon. 

10. Broad Haven Triangle

The Broad Haven Triangle, also known as The Welsh Triangle and Spaceman Mystery of the Terror Triangle is located in Haverfordwest Wales in the UK.  Broad Haven became famous for UFO sightings in the 1970s. A UFO was reported to have been spotted by 14 schoolchildren in February 1977. When the headmaster asked students to draw the craft, all the pictures looked alike. An April 1977 sighting of a 7ft creature in a silver suit was also reported. The area became a paranormal hotspot when more sightings of alien beings and UFOs were reported. 

11. The Falkirk Triangle

Another popular UFO hotspot is The Falkirk Triangle which covers the skies above Falkirk, Glasgow, Bonnybridge, and Edinburgh in Scotland. Over 300 UFO sightings are reported each year in Bonnybridge also known as the UFO capital of Scotland. It is said nearly half of the town's population has seen a UFO in their lifetime. It's not uncommon for motorists to witness strange hovering lights, cigar-shaped flying objects, and UFOs buzzing loudly above their vehicles. In the Falkirk Triangle, some people claim to have been kidnapped by alien entities before being transported on flying saucers for further examination. 

12. Nevada Triangle

The Nevada Triangle is located in Nevada and California near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In general, the triangle stretches from Las Vegas, Nevada in the southeast to Fresno, California in the west, and then to Reno, Nevada at the top. Area 51 is tucked away in the midst of this rugged wilderness. This area has experienced UFO sightings, alien sightings, and 2,000+ airplanes have vanished without a trace. A number of planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, with no wreckage ever found. Many of these planes were flown by experienced pilots.

Other Mysterious Areas

The 12 Vile Vortices

There are certain points on Earth where known physics cannot be applied known as The 12 Vile Vortices. There have been strange energies in these areas throughout history, such as magnetic anomalies and anomalous phenomena. There are natural anomalies found on the surface of the earth caused by the planet’s electromagnetic fields being stronger there than anywhere else. There are 12 parts spread equally across the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, and the North and South Poles. (1) The Bermuda Triangle, (2) Easter Island, (3) The North Pole, (4) The South Pole, (5) Mohenjo-Daro, (6) Hamakua, (7) The Devil’s Sea, (8) The Wharton Basin, (9) New Hebrides Trench, (10) The Megalithic Ruins of Algeria, (11) The South Atlantic Anomaly, and (12) The megaliths of Zimbabwe

The Sargasso Sea

In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, there is a region called the Sargasso Sea that is surrounded by ocean currents. As a result of these currents, the Sargasso Sea becomes overgrown with Sargassum, a dense, brown, invasive seaweed. Even though the Atlantic Ocean is surrounded by freezing and choppy waters, the sea remains eerily calm and warm because of the seaweed buildup and the currents. Several ships have been discovered drifting crewless through the calm waters of this area, contributing to the deep mystery. During the Sargasso Sea voyage of the Rosalie in 1840, the French merchant ship was discovered with sails set but no crew. According to a 19th Century lore, a carnivorous seaweed found in the Sargasso Sea devoured sailors whole, leaving only their ship as a remnant.


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