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Heels and Pyramids

Join Dr. Shakira on her research, study, writings, and travels of the Ancient Worlds.

“We are Knowers, We are Starseeds”

Heels and Pyramids serve as a curated resource for curious-deep-thinking-minds who push the boundaries. We discuss all things Ancient Astronaut Theory, Alien Philosophy, Aliens in the Bible, UFOs, UAPs, Ancient Evidence, The Olde, Metaphysical, and the Paranormal.

We believe Extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the distant past. These visitations helped shape humankind into what it is today. We believe evidence across Planet Earth clearly proves that Aliens have visited Earth.

Topics include Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Evidence/Aliens, Aliens in the Bible, eccentric thoughts, consciousness, spirituality, and much more!

Japingka Aboriginal Art, Bradshaw Foundation

Japingka Aboriginal Art, Bradshaw Foundation

This website is an information-based research site for paranormal investigations, philosophy, freelance writing, ancient Anthropology, ancient Olde knowledge, and philosophical ancient evidence. It is intended for informational and educational purposes. The cases/stories are presented with case notes, sources, links, and evidence unless otherwise noted as my opinion. The information is gathered from extensive research and long hours of study from books, documents, ancient texts, interviews, news stories, newspaper clippings, television shows, etc.

I do my best to be as accurate as possible, however, there may be edits.

…Really, I'm just a goofball who raps too loud to Jay-Z and Eminem while dancing, although I wish I could dance like Shakira Shakira:)

Dr. Shakira also known as Dr. Phoenix: is a multi-purposed freelancer, author, philosopher, parapsychologist, researcher, life and spiritual coach, intuitive, creative, and freelance Scribe.

Being an Experiencer of the paranormal, she has made it her lifelong mission to find answers, study, learn, and shed more light on the paranormal activity that exists around us.

She founded Heels and Pyramids which houses The Ancient Evidence Society, which discusses all things Ancient Astronaut Theory alongside Ancient Egypt Unveiled with a keen eye on Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Also included is Unexplained Mysteries which discusses all things regarding the paranormal such as: Activity, UFOs, UAPs, spirits, Extraterrestrials, psychic gifts, etc. Phoenix and Pentacles spread knowledge from the ancients about body, mind, spirit, and the world around us.

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When she is not writing, studying, or researching; she is curled up with a book or watching a documentary.


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