The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

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Known as one of the most infamous of all the mysterious locations on Earth, is the Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil's Triangle, or The Graveyard of the Atlantic.

The 29-foot Mako Cuddy Cabin

The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle has baffled scientists and researchers for many years. The United States Coast Guard ended its search for a missing boat from The Bermuda Triangle in January 2021. The 29-foot Mako Cuddy Cabin was carrying 20 passengers when it was reported missing in the Bahamas by officials. Passengers left Bimini for Lake Worth, Florida when the boat and everyone on it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. The search effort was called off after over 17,000 square miles had been searched for 84 hours.

Flight MU-2B

A woman, her boyfriend, and her two sons were traveling to Puerto Rico on Flight MU-2B on May 14th, 2017. They were due back in New York City the following day, on the 15th. Piloting the plane was her boyfriend, an experienced pilot. At about 2:10 PM, Miami Air Traffic Control noticed the plane was no longer on its radar. There was no concern about the weather on that day, which made the disappearance of the plane all the more strange. In an effort to find the missing plane, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the United States Air Force conducted a large-scale search on the 16th. It took the US Coast Guard 30 hours to locate debris off Eleuthera's coast after extensive searching. On the flight plan, there was a route through the Bermuda Triangle. Puerto Rico, one of the Bermuda Triangle corners; was the departure point, followed by the Bahamas and Florida. The bodies were never found.

There was no concern about the weather on that day, which made the disappearance of the plane all the more strange.

The Bermuda Triangle

In addition to being the most infamous of all the mysterious places on Earth, The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil's Triangle or the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Devil's Triangle is a 500,000-square-mile area of ocean between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Over 700 boats, 120 planes, and countless lives have been lost in this area over the last 50 years. The circumstances in the missing cases are similar in that they disappeared without a trace most times in good flying weather. What happened is never explained and bodies are never found. There is no sign of struggle on the ships, and all passengers and crew are gone. The aircraft's aeronautical and navigational equipment stopped functioning and/or changed course by themselves, and sailors have reported strange sights and lights. Electronic fog is often seen by pilots just before they disappear. The Bermuda Triangle has been reported to be filled with strange energies and supernatural phenomena by visitors. These places are described in many legends as being inhabited by star beings from other worlds.



Plane # 9027Q

During the 1980s, a pilot was flying from St Thomas to Miami. Soon after, he reported he was losing his engines and descending at an altitude of 150 feet off Miami's coast. The pilot became disorientated by clouds and called air traffic control in Miami-who confirmed perfect weather. Air traffic control was baffled by what was happening. Eleven hours after the pilot said he was going down, no further communication was received from him. The missing plane called from a tower 600 miles from Miami with the plane call number of 9027Q. He indicated he had ten minutes left to land and never arrived.

Christopher Columbus

It was Christopher Columbus who brought the Bermuda Triangle to the attention of the world in 1492 during his journey to the New World. In his log of travels, Columbus documented his experiences as an experienced sailor and esoteric navigator. The compass he used while traveling in the Bermuda Triangle malfunctioned, he saw strange lights and observed strange weather phenomena.

US Navy Torpedo Bombers

On December 5th, 1945, 450 years after Columbus, the US military was confronted with the most perplexing mystery of the triangle. On a routine training exercise, five US Navy Torpedo bombers flew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 2 pm. During the two-hour mission, all five planes suddenly disappeared. A rescue plane was sent out by the US Navy, but it disappeared as well. There were six planes flown by skilled pilots that vanished into oblivion in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bruce Gernon

In The Graveyard of the Atlantic, an American pilot named Bruce Gernon lived to tell the tale of surviving The Bermuda Triangle. In 1970, he, his father, and a business associate flew from the Bahamas to Florida. He reported seeing a strange cloud directly in front of their plane. A donut-shaped hole or vortex formed as he approached the strange cloud. At first, the tunnel was huge, but it quickly shrank and within seconds of entering the tunnel, lines formed. The experience was similar to “Looking down at a rifle barrel”. Lines swirled slowly counter-clockwise and encountered intense electricity, like flashes. He began to notice an electronic fog appearing grayish-yellow in color. At the same time, the plane's instruments began malfunctioning, and he could feel an unbelievable sensation. Upon exiting the tunnel, he radioed air traffic control and the radar could not locate him. Within three minutes, the radar controller reported finding him over Miami. Gernon had only been flying for 33 minutes, so he was confused as to how he was already in Miami. Despite the fact that he had already arrived, it should have taken him about an hour and 33 minutes total flight time. He will never be the same after this experience. A year after the incident, he studied every detail of the flight and his experience in the search for answers. In his view, the cloud caused a rip or cut in time's fabric due to a supernatural force within it.

By using a gravitational pull, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity proves that otherworldly forces can bend space. The Bermuda Triangle, for example, has a higher energy charge that allows for bursts of energy. Vortices and gateways are one and the same. There are wormholes throughout the universe, and smaller ones exist on Earth as well. An unexplained vapor or cloud has been reported to be associated with an electromagnetic phenomenon. Is the Bermuda Triangle an interdimensional portal? Does the portal work in both directions? Are there portals in the open waters? In order to find the cause of the disappearances and phenomena of The Graveyard of the Atlantic; scientists, UFO researchers, paranormal investigators, and military investigators alike continue to study this area.

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