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The USA Founding Fathers: UFOs, Aliens, and Ancient Symbolism

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George Washington (First US President) as a Freemason/Strobridge & Gerlach lithographer, Pike’s Opera House, Cincinnati, O. c1866.
George Washington (First US President) as a Freemason/Strobridge & Gerlach lithographer, Pike’s Opera House, Cincinnati, O. c1866.

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The USA Founding Fathers: UFOs, Aliens, and Ancient Symbolism

“I believe that Man is not the most perfect Being but One, rather that as there are many Degrees of Beings his Inferiors, so there are many Degrees of Beings superior to him.”-Benjamin Franklin

The Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers were seen as geniuses in their own rights. They were Scientists, and Astronomers who studied weather patterns, and their belief in Extraterrestrials was part of their scientific view of the world and the Universe. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both expert surveyors and map makers, builders of Monticello, and hands-on in the design and layout of the Capitol of Washington, D.C. We’ll discuss how this all ties into the USA Founding Fathers: UFOs, Aliens, and Ancient Symbolism.

The Plurality of Worlds found popularity in The Age of Enlightenment period of the 18th century. Around this time Scientists, Political Theorists, Philosophers, and Literary people spoke about Extraterrestrials in their writings, ideals, and theories. 

The American Philosophical Society was founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. It was the intellectual cognoscenti of America where the greatest thinkers gathered to write research papers, discuss philosophical theories, and examine all sorts of phenomena from a scientific point of view. 

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In Poor Richard’s Almanack, he suggests there are beings on other planets.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was an author, a printer, a scientist, an inventor, a politician, and a statesman; a deep thinker and intellectual. Franklin discussed his thoughts on ET life and beings on other planets in his publication, Poor Richards Almanack. The Native Americans he encountered had a deep ancestral belief they were descendants of ETs known as the Star People. His Indian Treaties were pamphlets published from the 1730s to the 1760s with explanations of the Native American Culture.

The creature showed him a model of how the US would look 200 years later.

George Washington

The 1777 strange close encounter of General George Washington was on a cold winter night in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. This was the darkest time of the American Revolution War and the United States was feared to have lost. Washington was in dire straits to keep the army together.

In a moment of defeat, General Washington went to the woods to pray. During his prayer, there was a strange vision of an otherworldly creature in white who laid out the victory of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War against the British. It also laid out the history of the new USA and a model of the US 200 years in the future. As Washington saw the map, rain began to fall and cities popped up throughout the entire country. Ultimately, he would remain at Valley Forge and force the British to retreat creating a turning point in the war.

The back of a USA one dollar bill.

Thomas Jefferson remains the highest public official to report a UFO in US History.

Thomas Jefferson

On April 5, 1800, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Astronomer William Dunbar reported to (Then Vice-President) Thomas Jefferson that he’d witnessed a bright glowing light the size of large a house hovering 200 yards above the ground. The light was very bright, radiated a tremendous amount of heat, and crashed not far away, destroying the area. 

The details of the sighting report made something unexplained and unusual. Jefferson took the report very seriously and passed it on as he would any other account of discovery and/or observation. Jefferson also presented the case to the American Philosophical Society and remains the highest public official to make a report of a UFO in US History.

Ancient Symbolism in Washington, D.C.

In the Declaration of Independence, there were 56 signers, of those 9 were Freemasons. Of the Constitution‘s 39 signers, 13 were Freemasons.

George Washington was 20 years old when he was initiated into the Secret Society of the Freemasons. Many other Founding Fathers were also Freemasons. In the Age of Enlightenment, Freemasons believed in acquiring knowledge through scientific and spiritual means including examining the possibility of Extraterrestrial life. They discussed major issues of the day and the speculation about the Plurality of Worlds. In the Declaration of Independence, there were 56 signers, of those 9 were Freemasons. Of the Constitution’s 39 signers, 13 were Freemasons.

The layout of Washington, D.C. is a 10×10 square mile diamond matrix pointing to the stars. The Founding Fathers believed this layout could store their enlightenment teachings and come to life within its buildings. In the design of Washington, D.C., the language of ancient symbols is where we see connections with The Ancients.

The original Universal symbol of Freemasonry is the square and compass. The compass is the main tool of Man. The square is the symbol of wisdom. “G” is for the Grand Architecture of the Universe. Ancient symbols are found all over D.C. similar to the Icons of Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx, the Obelisk, the Pyramid, and the All-Seeing Eye. 

A United States one-dollar bill, on one side, is a depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with the All-Seeing Eye at the top. The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of the Eye of God always and forever watching.

The Washington Monument, Obelisk

No other capital city in the world is anciently designed like the USA.

The Washington Monument is the largest obelisk in the world standing 555 feet high. The Egyptian-style monument is specifically built so the constellation Pleiades would be visible directly over the giant obelisk. The Ancient Egyptians built an obelisk because they believed the energy of God Ra literally came through an antenna. The same concept is shown in D.C. with the obelisk bringing energy from the stars and radiating it outward.

Freemason Pierre Charles L’Enfant was chosen by President Washington to create a layout of the city within the 10-mile diamond of the District of Columbia. L’Enfant began by aligning the corners of the square with the four cardinal directions North, South, East, and West along with geometrical shapes, circles, rectangles, and triangles. Some historians believe the triangle found in the center of Washington, DC represents the Masonic symbol of the square and compass symbolizing the Founding Fathers’ search for enlightenment from above. No other capital city in the world is anciently designed like the USA. 

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In Washington's painting, the ladder is coming out of a dark, round object with lights.

Jacob's Ladder

In the famous painting of George Washington as a Freemason, over his right shoulder is Jacob’s Ladder ascending to heaven in what looks like a spaceship (UFO) in the sky. In the Biblical story of Jacob, Genesis 28 (KJV), Jacob witnessed angels ascending and descending from a ladder to Heaven. However, in Washington’s painting, the ladder is coming out of a dark, round object with lights.

Apotheosis of Washington
Apotheosis of Washington

Domes are portals or gateways to the stars where Heaven and Earth meet, a vortex of energy.

Apotheosis of Washington

Domes are portals or gateways to the stars where Heaven and Earth meet, a vortex of energy. In the dome of the US Capitol, 4,664 square feet, 180 feet on the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda is an enormous painting called the Apotheosis of Washington, completed by Constantino Brumidi in 1865.

George Washington is depicted as an ancient god in a setting of clouds with a big rainbow running under his feet. He is in an otherworldly Heavenly realm, flanked by female figures representing Liberty, Victory, and Fame, surrounded by six groups of figures. The word Apotheosis is a Greek word that means to deify, to rise from a man to a god-man.

The Founding Fathers incorporated Ancient Egyptian knowledge in the construction of Washington, D.C. What is the meaning behind secret ancient messages found throughout the Capitol? Was their belief in the possibility of life on other planets based on Scientific and Philosophical principles and also first-hand experiences? Could there be additional evidence of alien encounters with other Founding Fathers yet to be discovered?


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