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Could UFO reports offer important clues about other intelligent beings in the Universe? Are there links between the shape of UFOs and the different types of entities?

This article is all about UFOs reported in all shapes and sizes from cigar-shaped UFOs, triangular-shaped UFOs, and round UFOs. Are there links between the shapes of the UFOs and the different types of entities reported? In modern times the most commonly reported UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) shape is the Flying Saucer. The term “Flying Saucer” was coined in 1947 by pilot Kenneth Arnold. After spotting a number of flying saucers near Mount Rainier in Washington, traveling at incredible speeds, he described them as, “Skipping through the air like a saucer”. With more saucer-shaped objects reported around the globe, governments began investigating reports of UFO activity with various programs to determine if they were a threat to humans.

Flying Saucers

A common theme among flying saucers or disc-shaped crafts is, they can instantly change direction, and make sudden turns at tremendous speeds. It’s as if these objects can employ a different kind of science and/or technology making aerodynamics irrelevant. Could these circular or disc-shaped crafts use anti-gravity technology for propulsion? Spinning wheel-like machines are similar to one of the most famous stories from the Hebrew Bible, The story of Ezekiel’s wheel.

A Biblical Flying Saucer?

In the Bible’s Book of Ezekiel (KJV), the prophet describes a fiery chariot drawn by four living creatures. Each creature is flanked by a metallic object, a wheel within a wheel, that Ezekiel saw descend — making a tremendous amount of noise. In his 1968 book, Chariots of the Gods? Ancient Astronaut Theorist Pioneer Erich von Däniken proposed that the wheels could be a spaceship. NASA Engineer Josef Blumrich was determined to debunk this controversial theory. However, after painstaking research, he agreed with von Däniken and published his own book, The Spaceships of Ezekiel


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The Triangle Shape

Some UFO researchers believe the flying saucer is designed to take advantage of an antigravity propulsion system and is the optimal shape for maneuvering quickly in any direction. Could the triangle shape craft be evidence of the triangular ET surveillance craft found in the ancient world, in the form of a symbol often called the All-Seeing Eye? The triangle with the eye in the center is commonly used as a depiction of God, particularly in ancient Egypt

The Cigar Shape

The cylindrical craft is a typical UFO shape seen often, and some of the larger UFOs on record have a similarly cylindrical shape. The very first photo of a UFO is of a huge cylindrical craft over Mount Washington in New Hampshire in 1870, right at the beginning of photography. 


At dawn on April 14th, 1561, in Nuremberg Germany citizens awake to a commotion in the sky unlike anything they’ve ever heard before. People described it as a celestial battle between 100s of strange-shaped objects. Strange objects appeared to launch projectiles as 1000s of onlookers watched in amazement. 

Henderson Nevada, March 13th, 1997, at 6:55 pm, local police receive a report of massive V-Shaped objects traveling Southwest across the night sky. Over the next three hours, the craft is witnessed by 1000s of people as it journeys down through Arizona and into Sonora Mexico. Phoenix, Arizona, 1997. With most of the reports coming from Phoenix, as well as photographs and video footage, the incident becomes known as the Phoenix Lights. The entire city of Phoenix was able to see this half-mile-long display of lights over the city in a very distinctive pattern. It was a triangular-shaped object. Governor Fife Symington of Arizona, a pilot and former Air Force officer said, “I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man-made object that I’d ever seen”. He was about 100 feet away from the flying triangle and could see through it and the stars above. Additionally, The Governor described a strange triangular UFO that appeared translucent and camouflaged itself in the stars.

In 2017, a massive cigar-shaped object was spotted traveling toward Earth. Astronomers made international headlines when they announced this strange intruder had, indeed, arrived from a distant star. This was the first interstellar object ever proven to have entered Earth's solar system. This object was a very strange object, cylindrical and long called Oumuamua, which could have been sent to our solar system. 

The Vimana

Dating back 1000s of years, in sacred Hindu texts such as The Ramayana or the Mahabharata, the vimana is discussed. A vimana is a flying ship God uses to travel back and forth between spaces, in Heaven from one planet to another planet, from one Universe to another Universe, and also to Earth. The Vimana texts describe at least five different types of vimanas with different shapes. Some are tubular, and cylindrical and can carry large amounts of people in them. The Vedic texts speak of a time when three cities were orbiting Earth. From these cities, smaller vehicles were used in order to reach the realm of the Earth. Are the cigar-shaped UFOs sightings of alien motherships?

Could UFO reports offer important clues about other intelligent beings in the Universe? Are there links between the shape of UFOs and the different types of entities? Are UFOs representations of alien vehicles? What could explain all the different shapes?

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