Three women believe they participated in The Alien Hybridization Program

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The stories of three women who believe they were experiencers in The Alien Hybridization Program.

The alien hybridization program is a breeding program involving Extraterrestrials (ETs) and humans. Humans are used for reproductive experiments involving sexual intercourse with an alien being and/or in vitro. Although many people are now open to the idea that we are not alone in the Universe, it is very brave for someone to come public with their hybridization experiences. Experiencers are unable to stop the events from occurring as many do not actually remember. The stories of three women who believe they participated in The Alien Hybridization Program.

The alien beings involved in the alien hybridization program are accused of abducting humans and removing and/or manipulating consciousness which is the power source. There is a great effort taken to wipe or hide the memory however, through regression therapy, most abductees uncover the truth. Abductees sense the beings want you to quietly go through the process, not complain or fight and become frustrated with non-compliance.

There are women who went to the doctor, found out they were pregnant, went back for their checkup and the baby was gone. Some women had clear memories of the encounter and some did not. There are sonograms, and pregnancy tests indicating a true pregnancy and literally, overnight they are not. The alien hybridization program pregnancies can take a toll on a marriage or relationship these women are involved in throughout their lives. Most experiencers do not have Earth children if they remain connected to the alien’s reproduction process.

Additionally, some women remember being taken aboard a craft and presented with an infant and told it was theirs. Some carried the baby to term and it suddenly disappeared. Some women and men are involved in the program for many years from early childhood, and adolescence into adulthood.


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The alien hybridization program is a breeding program involving Extraterrestrials (ETs) and humans.

Based on experience details, regressions, and research; a lengthy sequence of events occurs in The Alien Hybridization Program (This is not exclusive to women, men are abducted as well):

  • The abductee witnesses a UFO
  • Is abducted and taken aboard a craft
  • Undergoes physical and neurological procedures
  • Ova or sperm is extracted
  • There is another abduction
  • Alien genetics are introduced in vitro or through actual sexual contact with an ET being
  • There is another abduction
  • An embryo is implanted
  • After carrying for up to four months, the woman is abducted again
  • The fetus is removed
  • At some point in the future, the woman is abducted
  • And shown her hybrid children
  • Memories are implanted so the abductee doesn’t recall the event

Based on her many years of research and regression sessions, Barbara Lamb is a world-renowned ET regression therapist, crop circle researcher, speaker, and author. She has concluded:

  • A tremendous number of people in the world, not only in the US, are having these visits from Extraterrestrials beings.
  • There are many different types of ET Beings coming to Earth and interacting with certain human beings.
  • In her regression of over 2000 people, she discovered a common theme involving the introduction of alien genetics. The material taken from the human is mixed together with human sperm or egg and mixed with alien genetic materials which is the reproduction material of the ETs. A new embryo is created by the ETs.
  • Another way humans are experiencing the reproduction program is to actually have a sexual relationship or sexual contact with the alien being(s). She has regressed certain women who have had sexual intercourse with male ETs, particularly the Reptilian species.
  • The woman will carry the embryo from one to four months. Women describe burns on their stomachs and trace evidence left behind from the encounter.
  • This entire process is happening without the human’s agreement, will, or permission, and this is a very important aspect of the whole phenomenon.

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Story One-April

April believes her involvement in the alien hybridization program has granted her an Earth-born child to share with her husband. She remembers her first UFO encounter in the ’90s, waking up at 3 am to go to the field across from her home to look up at the sky. She often wondered what she saw that night. She believes she was abducted at least five times for reproduction purposes. One night she had such a vivid dream so powerful she woke up to write everything down and immediately examined her body. She told her husband who was very supportive and they both knew something was wrong. There was evidence on the sheet of a tiny blood mark. During the encounter, the beings would look at her with their eyes while telepathically letting her know she will not remember the encounter. She felt a cold scalpel slice her body with no pain and all the while they were making her look directly into their eyes so she could focus. The beings had calm voices telling her she would be just fine. The encounters were physical and all different in the reproduction process. The settings were in a sterile environment similar to an Operating Room (OR), and unfortunately, there were times of very public sexual encounters with human faces in the crowd along with different species of aliens and others watching.

Meanwhile, after having five miscarriages, she and her husband were getting discouraged trying to get pregnant. Six weeks after her dream it was confirmed she was pregnant. She and her husband were ecstatic and began to put two and two together with her encounters. The alien sexual encounter did not bother April and her husband because the alien being helped her conceive a baby. She describes the pregnancy as “very different”, not only for carrying for the mother but also for the doctors because the bloodwork was different. Despite this, she was able to give birth to an Earth baby who is doing fine today. April wonders what her son will grow up to be and if she has other hybrid children living aboard a UFO somewhere in the Universe.

Story Two-Geraldine

Geraldine was first abducted at five years old and believes she has 24 hybrid children. She was abducted and taken aboard a UFO ship. The beings made her sit on a dental-like chair and laid her back. They inserted inside of the uterus on the very back wall, an implant to monitor the body. Further in the ship on the other side was where they extracted the babies from the abducted women. They do something to induce labor at prematurity because they want the children as fetuses. In the next room, there were tall Grey aliens with a petri dish performing the DNA alterations and injecting the fetuses. The entire operation is on a harvesting and hybridization ship, particular to this process.

Around 16 years old, she was abducted again. As she walked onto the ship everything was black but a gynecological chair she was made to sit on. They inserted a gigantic tube inside of her body and began the insemination process. She was at a party and a being who looked like an attractive person she would be interested in, approached her. She believes he drugged her, however in regression therapy, she described it as “numbing” her. When she came to and opened her eyes, his face was directly in front of her and he was inside of her. When he is done, he walks out of the room and she can feel she has been inseminated. The being was a screen image of the Reptilian species, not a real human man. It is a screen image illusion created when they are gathering eggs or trying to inseminate. The images are pulled from your subconscious mind of what an ideally beautiful woman or an attractive man would look like to you to make the process easier.

When it is time to extract the fetus, there is a three-finger prong put inside of the body to hold on to the fetus to quickly pull it out. They pull the fetus out, clip it, hook it up, and put it in a holding environment. The ETs operate like robots or Artificial intelligence (AI). This program is part of the Reptilian program and/or agenda. Geraldine has always been very careful in her sexual interactions over the years being conscious about the right time to start a family. The times she became pregnant were confusing because sometimes she had a partner and sometimes she did not. The pregnancies would always end in a miscarriage. She could conceive but not carry through to completion.

Of the 24 pregnancies, she believes 16 were done in her uterus, through actual insemination, a painfully lengthy process. Once pregnant the fetus has to be removed and there are many other implant procedures in-between in order to facilitate the program. She believes she met one of her hybrid children. A little boy, with strange blonde curly hair, magnificent blue giant eyes, eyes we do not have here on Earth, very frail thin skin, thin structure to the body, and he was very beautiful. As she stared at him a feeling of love and motherhood came over her.

Sierra’s Story

One of the unique things about Sierra’s case is that she is a lesbian who believes she became pregnant by an alien being. At the time of her experience, she was dating and living with a woman. One night she went to bed and woke up to a loud scream and the clock said 12:36 am. She remembers thinking it was odd that her girlfriend got out of bed, went into the bathroom, shut the door, and did not turn on the light. As she was pulled back into sleep the hair on the back of her neck stood up and all of her internal alarm bells started to go off warning her that she was in danger. When she opened her eyes, she saw a little Grey being that scared her “really bad.” As she felt a rush of adrenaline through her body she was not able to move and she began to struggle. As she struggled, she would panic and pass out and this went on about 30 times. As she came to, the Grey got closer and closer and said to her, “Be Still, we aren’t here to hurt you, we are only here to check on you.” She started to have flashbacks of being on a gurney going down a hallway into a well-lit room. As she tried to ask why this was happening to her, the being said in a programmed response, “Be still.” Four hours later, her girlfriend opens the bathroom door cursing because her legs were numb.

The next day she called a lady from her spiritual group who told her she was pregnant. The lady told her about the Zeta Hybridization program in detail and she wondered how all of this could have happened to her. She decided to keep the baby and was pregnant for about four months and started to show. Almost two weeks later she sat straight up in bed and screamed. Her stomach was flat and the baby was gone.

The Aftermath

After the experience, many abductees wonder if they are losing their mind. They start asking questions such as, can this really be happening to me? What actually happened to me? Some are traumatized further because of a feeling of loneliness and separation from the human species, feeling like there is no one to talk to about the experience. You want to shove the experience into a box in order to feel better in knowing that without your knowledge or your permission, someone or something has used your body and your DNA for their benefit and for their agenda. The process can leave you with fear of rejection, ridicule, and judgment from the human species. You are dealing with the unknown and beings, not from Earth. Many feel they live two lives, being two different people. In one life you go to work, pay your bills, have a family, do human-like activities, and live a normal human life, and the other life is involved with aliens.

Experiencers advise getting support and working with a Hypnotherapist to recall memory and a Regression Therapist. Regression therapy has become popular in the UFO industry because abductees want to understand what may have happened. Seek a community of people who have been through the experience themselves.



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