Did two men receive an alien code?

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Did two men receive an alien code?

There has never been a more crucial search for evidence of alien life than to receive a message from another planet.

There are reports of people who have seen UFOs and even ETs and out of all such communications, one stands out. The Rendlesham forest incident is different from other UFO cases because it involves a landed UFO that was touched, not just lights in the sky. Did humans receive an alien code? For the first time in history, alien communication has been deciphered.

December 26th, 1980 around 3:00 am. During the Cold War, Royal Air Force (RAF) Bentwaters, outside of the Rendlesham forest in the UK, served as a staging area for US forces when the radar lost track of an unknown flying object (UFO). Soldiers indicated it could be a downed aircraft. Two U.S. soldiers who witnessed these unidentified lights were Airman First Class John Burroughs and Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston.



Above the trees, the men saw a triangular-shaped craft descending onto the ground.

According to Airman First Class Burroughs and Staff Sergeant Penniston, there was an abnormal feeling in the air similar to electricity and they immediately knew something was not right. Above the trees, the men saw a triangular-shaped craft descending onto the ground. Around the object, the air was further intensely charged with electricity, “Dancing on our skin and clothing.”

A strange craft (UFO) defying logic was immediately noted in SGT Penniston’s notebook. The object was almost six feet tall and nine feet wide adorned with mysterious symbols etched along its sides. The men approach the object and SGT Penniston was close enough to touch it. Penniston ran his hand along the UFO touching the symbols and described it as, “Initially feeling smooth, then feeling like sandpaper on each symbol.”

Among all the glyphs, Penniston decided to touch the largest one. After touching the symbol, he saw an explosion of white light and was blinded by flashing 1s and 0s and the 1s and 0s appeared in his mind’s eye. Terrified, SGT Penniston removed his hand from the huge symbol and the visions stopped. The UFO began to move a little and was gone in an instant into the night sky. The time on the two men’s synchronized watches differed by almost 45 minutes.

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If we wanted to send a message out to space, the binary code is the Universal language. 

After the incident, still experiencing the 1s and 0s flashing in his mind, he pulled out his notebook and started writing down the 1s and 0s. He kept the 16 pages a secret for fear of sounding insane. The digital world is built on binary and if we wanted to send a message out to space, the binary code is the Universal language. 

In 2012, pages of SGT Penniston’s notebook were sent to an Expert Binary Code Analyst named Ciske to be decoded. Ciske was hired to examine the first six pages and skeptically, he did not expect to find anything. After typing the codes into his computer and running them through his translator, he was stunned to discover a message. The message also contained latitude and longitude coordinates for a location on Earth.

The message read:


52 09 42. 532 N

13 13 12. 69 W



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All coordinates are pointing to the origin of Alien ancestors on planet Earth.

The latitude and longitude, when plotted on a map, point to an island once known as Hy-Brasil, dubbed Celtic Atlantis due to its proximity to the coast of Ireland. Some believe Hy-Brasil was a lost land and a technologically advanced civilization said to have had golden towers, and majestic domes. The island vanished from the map in the late 1800s. 

Additionally, continued analysis of the pages uncovered other coordinates from around the globe which include, Southwest USA, Sedona, Central America, South America, Greece, Egypt, and China. All coordinates point to the origin of alien ancestors on planet Earth.


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