20 interesting things about Nikola Tesla including his belief in aliens

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“ Brethren! We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It reads: one … two … three …”-Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a famed and respected Serbian-American engineer and physicist who invented dozens of devices to produce, transmit, and use electricity. As well as developing AC generation and transmission technology, he invented the first alternating current (AC) motor. In spite of his numerous ground-breaking inventions, he never found the financial success one would think he would have. A century later, Tesla has once again emerged as one of the greatest inventors of all time. Finally, credit is being given to him for his inventions, and his name and work will continue to live on. Here are 20 interesting things about Nikola Tesla including his belief in Aliens.

20. Nikola was a genius born at exactly midnight during a violent lightning storm in Smiljan, Croatia, in 1856. The midwife saw this as a bad omen. However, his mother disagreed. During a flash of lightning, his mother said, “No, he will be a Child of Light”.

19. Besides his mystic nature, he was born at a time that coincides with an ancient Zohar prophecy. The prophecy mentions a time when the Gates of Wisdom would open up on Earth, Albert Einstein (1879) was born in this time as well.

18. Tesla was very tall and spoke 12 different languages. At an early age, he displayed a superior mind and invented toys that used insects to power them and were fascinated with electricity and thunderstorms.

17. He was determined to harness the power of the Earth and the Universe for the greater benefit of mankind.

16.  Tesla arrived in the United States in 1884 to work with Thomas Edison in Manhattan, New York with the promise of $50,000 if the Edison direct current method became successful. Tesla's AC method proved to be more effective than Edison's DC current, and Edison refused to pay Tesla.

15. in 1903, it is said, Edison electrocuted Topsy the Elephant at the zoo to discredit Tesla’s form of electricity, the alternating current.

14. Tesla's AC power system remains the cornerstone of the world's power grid to this day. Through him, the world became electrified and electricity became universal.

13. In Tesla's view, it was absurd to believe humans were the only intelligent species in the Universe. His curiosity led him to wonder where these beings fit into the intelligence hierarchy. According to him, aliens exist which was disregarded by his critics. 

12. He was notably obsessed with the numbers three and 3-6-9 and was known to walk around buildings three times before entering.

11. In Colorado Springs, 1899, while testing a magnifying transmitter built to track storms, he received a mysterious transmission he claimed to have received from outer space. He was tracking thunderstorms 600 miles away when he heard three beeps in sequence. He believed it was the Martians.

10. Nikola Tesla attributed many of his inventions to the ability to visualize them entirely in his mind. His visions were described as flashes of light followed by moments of clarity and creativity. As a result, he was able to see the inventions in holographic detail before his eyes. His mind allowed him to rotate these visions, dissect them piece by piece, and remove every screw. Using his visionary abilities, he could build a model exactly the way he wanted. A flash of intuition led him to invent the rotating magnetic field, one of his greatest inventions.

9. Nikola introduced the 3-6-9 Theory where he believed these numbers held the key to the Universe. His quote, “If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe” is still very well-known today. 

8. Tesla’s U.S. PATENT number 1,655,114-APPARATUS FOR AERIAL TRANSPORTATION was a groundbreaking, innovative invention which he stated, “The invention consists of a new type of flying machine, designated helicopter plane, which may be raised and lowered vertically and driven horizontally by the same propelling devices and comprises: a prime mover of improved design and an airscrew, both specially adapted for the purpose, means for tilting the machine in the air, arrangements for controlling its operation in any position, a novel landing gear and other constructive details, all of which will be hereinafter fully described”.

7. Christmas 1900, he wrote a letter to The Red Cross explaining he had received a message from another world, the Martians. 


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6. In 1901, The Times published, “Nikola Tesla promises communication from Mars”.

5. The Tesla Coil, invented in 1891, has been widely used today for radio and televisions, as well as other electronic equipment.

4. He was dubbed, “The Mad Scientist” because of his great mind and superior knowledge. His ideas and beliefs went far beyond what was accepted at the time.

3. In 1898, As the Spanish-American War raged, Tesla's worked on a miniature boat that could be controlled by a rudimentary radio signal. In response to Tesla's patent application, the US Patent Office refused to believe the device could work and sent an agent to Tesla's Manhattan lab for a demonstration. He thought his invention “would allow battles to be fought without putting humans at risk, would render warfare itself obsolete. Battleships will cease to be built and the most tremendous artillery afloat will be of no more use than so much scrap iron.”

2. His achievements include electric railroads, fluorescent and neon lights, wireless radio communications, X-ray, remote control, turbine engines, speedometers, helicopters, and torpedoes. Additionally, he worked on war technology and flying machines.

1. At the time of his death in New York in 1943, Tesla had over 300 patents and many of his inventions have innovated us today. 


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