The Legendary Crystal Skulls

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The crystal skulls are ancient luminous relics in the shape of human skulls. In the various legends, folklore, and mythology, these skulls are otherworldly, revered, and special. They contain great knowledge, and great wisdom and hold great information which is important to our human race.


The legendary crystal skulls are ancient luminous relics in the shape of human skulls. In the various legends, folklore, and mythology, these skulls are otherworldly, revered, and special. They contain great knowledge, and great wisdom and hold great information which is important to our human race. There are 13 skulls of all sizes around the world, believed to possess awesome, mystical powers. It is believed 12 of the 13 authentic ancient skulls have been discovered and guarded in private collections.

Quartz crystal can not be carbon-dated, has no carbon, no radio-active development, and is pure silicon-which makes dating it challenging. The secrets of the skulls will be revealed when all 13 skulls come together to form a global grid. Many believe the reunion of the skulls will awaken sacred knowledge of the “gods”, a knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for 1000s of years. Some believe the skulls were used for divination making contact with an intelligence(s) who are contactable and a resident in the crystal skull.

Native American

The folklore in The Tequesta tribe surrounding the Crystal Skulls: In certain times of strife and impending catastrophe, the power of the skull can be used to forestall cataclysmic. When the 13 skulls are reunited, their power will be amplified. According to legend, the skulls are containers of great knowledge. Several Native American tribes have similar stories about ancient crystal skulls. Some believe they were left behind by early ancestors in the ancient past. Some believe they are ancient artifacts, left behind by space travelers, or remnants from a lost civilization. There are 12 inhabitant planets, each skull contains information from one of these planets, including Earth. The 13th skull contains all knowledge from all planets and is a backup. It is possible these skulls are 1000s of years old.

Fredrick Allen Mitchell-Hedges

In Lubaantun, Belize in the jungles of Yucatan, one of the oldest skulls was found. The skull was discovered in the ruins of an ancient pre-Columbian city that thrived in the 8th century AD. In 1924, explorer Fredrick Allen Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter Anna discovered a human-sized skull made of clear quartz crystal. It had a detachable jaw, making it one of the most unique and anatomically accurate of all of the crystal skulls found. The skull is believed to be over 3600 years old, predating the Mayan civilization. His daughter Anna has been guarding the skull and recently allowed it to be studied. While being studied, Frank Dorland would come down at night to find the room completely glowing, and the skull lighting up by itself in a dark room like it was light.


According to legend, in Papua, New Guinea, 8th century AD, Aboriginal tribal leaders set sail towards the Hawaii Islands carrying a highly revered and ancestral crystal skull, known today as Synergy. It came across the Pacific Ocean in a reed canoe from Hawaii to Easter Island with the people of the sky. In the 1600s the skull was given to a young nun in Peru and on her deathbed, she passed it to a native family and told them to guard the skull until the right person comes. Synergy is currently under the guardian of (Whitfield). A European businessman gave her Synergy as a gift and little history was known. In 2005, (Whitfield) was contacted by a representative of the Aboriginal tribe who saw a photograph of Synergy in a newspaper. According to the Aboriginal tribe, they did not make the skull, it was passed down to them as a legacy. Synergy is an ancestral object. Furthermore, their tribe was started by a white and black man who were twins. These twins have a twin of Synergy and they (the men) were made identical to the skulls. There is a powerful spirit in crystal skulls. If controlled correctly one can access, speak to, get permission from, and assistance from this spirit.


In, 1959, the Chinese began to invade Lhasa, Tibet. The Dalai Lama and a small group of high Lamas fled into the Himalayan mountains risking imprisonment, torture, and death to make the 14-day hike to Nepal. According to reports, in their possession was a crystal skull named Amar weighing 22 pounds. They went to great lengths to protect this crystal skull.


In two of his famous dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, Platothe 14th century B.C. Greek philosopher describes an island founded by Poseidon, god of the sea. Plato described Atlantis as very advanced technologically and having very advanced and progressive ideas about justice, and law. They were a model of an ethical, philosophical, and moral civilization. Atlanteans used objects made of crystal as a means of harnessing energy and storing important information. The lore and legend of Atlantis: The priest took the ancient relics and sacred knowledge of Atlantis and deposited it to encode into crystal objects, including skulls. Mysteriously, the continent of Atlantis mysteriously disappeared 1000s of years ago.

In closing, the core message of the crystal skulls that our ancestors are very specific about is; they are divine and ancient. These skulls are believed to possess other-dimensional qualities and transmit and receive messages from other dimensions. Ancients were very aware of how important crystals are and how they are high-tech in knowledge. One day the knowledge of these skulls will be revealed once they are united.


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