Do geniuses have an access to another level of consciousness given to them by ETs?

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Do geniuses have an access to another level of consciousness?

It is no secret many of the world’s most famous geniuses accredit their knowledge to otherworldly sources outside of themselves. The Genius and ETs have been a source of debate for decades. Some have dreams, visions, flashes of inspiration, insights, ideas coming to them in meditation, etc. Genius is a very rare event as there are very few geniuses in every generation that fundamentally change the way we operate in this world. In addition to intelligence, the characteristics of geniuses throughout history are very similar, they tend to persevere against all odds, and some had handicaps in their younger years which was fuel to achieve new heights as well as a great capacity to bounce back and pursue their dreams. Do geniuses have an access to another level of consciousness given to them by ETs?

Steve Jobs

Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Jobs said, “Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”

Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Jobs said, “Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” In 2007, during the Mac World conference, Jobs introduced an invention that became one of the most iconic in modern history, the iPhone. The iPhone quickly became a sensation after selling 500 million units over the next seven years due to its sleek design and creative marketing. With the iPod, iMac, and iPad, the genius revolutionized modern society and our lives was changed significantly as a result. The new technology simplified access to information making it more accessible to everyone. Whether telephones or computers, his inventions were so easy to use that a child could easily learn how to operate them. Like Da VinciTesla, and Einstein did before him, Jobs believed the inspiration for his breakthrough inventions came to him while meditating. In California, inside the oldest Japanese Buddhist monastery in the United States, he received much of the inspiration that shook the modern world. Buddhism influenced his early adulthood and made mindfulness imperative to his life.

In later years as he reflected on his life, and realized what he had actually achieved, he sought to clear his mind which greatly impacted him. In Zen meditation, he believed he could calm his thoughts and tap into inspiration outside his body. He described it as your mind slowing down and you noticing much more than you had been able to see before. His ability to reach the flow state of consciousness is impressive. The flow state is an altered state of consciousness where all time recedes into the background and we feel as one with what we are doing. Did Jobs’ genius include not only revolutionizing technology but also providing a blueprint for how the Universal Mind functions and how we can gain enlightenment through it? Is the iPhone simply a smaller version of what already exists in the universe?


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Jason Padgett

In 2002, 31-year-old Jason Padgett walked out of a Karaoke bar and was brutally beaten and knocked unconscious by two men. When he awakens in the hospital the doctors tell him he is lucky to have survived the beating with only a bruised kidney and a concussion. In the days after, he started to literally see life and the world in a new way, in the way of mathematics. Padgett was not a professional mathematician and never had an interest in math while in school, however, after he was beaten, he saw mathematical equations everywhere he looked and found them to be beautiful. He suddenly saw the world in fractal images, seeing equations on the streets, bridges, buildings, ceilings, etc. He also saw the Pythagorean theory in objects most of us do not notice. Jason became the only person in the world with the extraordinary ability to hand-draw complex fractal shapes. His story is credible but not unique, there are others. Derek Amato hit his head in a pool and transformed into a talented pianist even though he has never played in his life.

King Hammurabi

In Paris, France, inside a historic museum is the most significant legal text in the ancient world. It features the stele Babylonian King Hammurabi, the ruler of ancient Babylonia, and the sun god Shamash talking. Below them carved in Cuneiform texts are the laws they gave to their people called The Code of Hammurabi. King Hammurabi is one of the greatest geniuses from the ancient world. The Code of Hammurabi is the first written legal record, a primitive document compared to what we have today. There was an entire system of order, how taxes were collected, and various civil principles. He coined the famous term, “eye for an eye” which has since been modified as the years have passed. The Code of Hammurabi begins with a prologue in which the King boasts of his great deeds and writes that the code was dictated to him by the Babylonian god Shamash.

The King went into a trance and during the dictation, this incredible document was channeled through Hammurabi causing him to speak in a voice unlike his own, and a language unlike his own. When wakes from his trance, the Scribes read it back to him and he has no memory of dictating it. The ruler did not claim authorship of his knowledge and knew it was not of his own intelligence. The system of law displayed through The Code of Hammurabi is intrinsic to the basic moral understanding of how to run a society and much of it is still preserved in some form in our modern-day legal system. This can suggest The Code of Hammurabi comes from a very advanced point of origin. Could it be the forces of inspiration the ancients attributed to the gods emanated from another otherworldly source?

In 1922, two Columbian sociologists published an academic paper titled, Are inventions inevitable? Their research found at least 140 instances of simultaneous inventions in which the creators knew little or nothing about the other’s work. There are multiple people who discovered oxygen, the telephone, and airplanes. If some of the greatest inventors would have passed at birth, their inventions would not have been lost to history. Another person(s) would have made similar discoveries. The belief is, that when an idea is introduced to society, it may enter more than one person’s mind from an unknown source. It is up to the human to do the work and bring the invention to light. If no activity is being detected, the idea will go to someone else until it is successfully invented.


After suffering epileptic seizures, Daniel Tammet became a mathematical and linguistic genius, able to see the results of complex calculations and learned a foreign language in a matter of days. The Periodic Table came to Dmitri Mendeleev in a dream.

In 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon with the help of geniuses such as Wernher von Braun and other renowned scientists. This propelled humans on Earth for the first time in recorded history marking the high point of the 150-year-long explosion of enormous advancements in technological, medical, and scientific advancements never seen before. The intellectual capabilities of the human mind are advancing rapidly as well. There has been an evolution of consciousness and the ability to access our inner genius.

In closing, in every ancient culture, there are a number of instances essentially traced back to people claiming to have been told something by a being, not of this world. If we are all connected to this knowledge and geniuses have been allowed a greater glimpse, might ET beings be guiding us toward the day we will be fully enlightened? Could there be an unseen force behind these incredible minds? A force with Extraterrestrial origins? Are geniuses being influenced by higher beings who are guiding humankind?



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