The paranormal cases of the Navajo Rangers

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“We get asked all the time do you believe in Bigfoot? Do you believe in UFOs? Or Navajo witchcraft? We don’t like using the term believe because to believe is an act of faith based on no evidence…People have been skeptical of our work and of course, we expect that. All I can say to them is, You weren’t there. You did not see what I saw.”–(Dover)

Former Navajo Nation Rangers, (Milford) and (Dover) have investigated paranormal activity from Bigfoot, orbs, UFOs, poltergeists, and Skinwalkers in addition to their regular job duties. Formed in 1957, the Navajo Rangers provide enforcement and protection for natural resources and in forest fire areas doing evacuations, similar to the National Park Service Rangers. The Navajo reservation is 27,000 square miles, the size of West Virginia. Paranormal and supernatural elements are already part of the Navajo culture, although due to stigma, not widely talked about. The Navajo people have many stories about paranormal activity passed down through generations. In 2000, a complaint was filed against the department for failing to investigate a Bigfoot case. (Milford) and (Dover) was assigned to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the reservation. These are reports from their case files. 


One of the first cases they worked on was along the San Juan River, where over 30 people reported seeing Bigfoot. There were reports of Bigfoot taking sheep and sheep were found killed by literally having the wool ripped off of their backs. Bigfoot is described as being much taller than a man, seven to eight feet tall, very muscular, with wide shoulders, built like a tank with canine teeth, and smelling like a wet dog. It is a large, huge, hairy being. After a woman reported that Bigfoot turned her doorknob and she opened the door to see it, the Rangers gathered a team of six men and they went up to the San Juan River where they discovered foot track evidence. 

They found a 21-inch footprint with the toes showing and a five-foot stride. The path went along and hit a barbed wire fence where the being stepped over. Caught in the barbed wire was a tuft of hair which was collected as part of the investigation. The hair was sent for DNA examination. The DNA analysis could reveal what species or major group of species it belonged to, but the report said “Unknown Carnivore”. There is no identification for the hair in the DNA database and it has animals from around the world. During one of their investigations, they tracked Bigfoot for miles and the footprints just stopped like it was jerked into the sky. When the investigations started for Bigfoot there was a corresponding increase in UFO sightings.


One of the common phenomena is called an Orb. Orbs come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and behaviors. They operate at speeds and angles that we as humans could not duplicate. One night a woman was driving home from work at about 1:30 am, with no houses, no lights, and no other vehicles on the road in the open desert. She noticed a red light on the driver’s side which followed her for about 2 minutes never emitting a sound. She reached a point in the road where it made a sharp curve forcing her to take her eyes off the red orb. When she looked again to her left, there was now a big ball and it was a bright white light. It was no longer red and she was very afraid. She realized whatever this was, was clearly intelligent enough to follow her. It stayed beside her for a quarter of a mile before it shot forward. Less than 500 feet in front of her it stopped instantaneously and shot straight up in the sky. Once in the sky, it appeared like a shooting star. In the morning when she woke up, she had the first and worst migraine she had ever had in her life. She reached out to the Navajo Rangers. The Rangers went around her vehicle with a compass looking for magnetic anomalies. They found two areas with intense magnetic attraction. One was behind the driver’s door on the panel, and the other was in front of the passenger door. If you took a string and tied it between both points, the string went right through the driver. They concluded when the orb was flying alongside the vehicle, it must have been scanning or doing something to the vehicle that went through her and may have caused a physical result.

The Skinwalkers

One of the most terrifying types of cases investigated involved the Legendary Navajo Skinwalkers. A skinwalker is an entity that can shapeshift or change form from a human into an animal. They can shapeshift into a coyote, wolf, or into anything they have the skin of. People have spotted them on the side of the roads while they were in human form. They appear to be painted white as if a sponge was dipped in white paint and blotched all over their body and the hair is long and painted also. They can run as fast as a car can drive. Investigator (Milford) revealed he has experienced this firsthand. Prior to his law enforcement career, he came to the Navajo reservation and went to the movies one night when he saw something running inside of the fence, alongside his vehicle. It jumped the fence and came within three-four feet of the passenger side of his car and kept up with him running at least 55 miles an hour. The more he accelerated, the more it stayed right there with him. The being had the body of a greyhound, but from head to toe it was solid white. It had a mouthful of teeth and a canine-shaped head with a long snout. He locked eyes with it, and its eyes were a self-illuminating fiery orange. He floored the accelerator, jumped out, and ran inside his house. After explaining what he saw to his father, he learned it was a skinwalker. His aunt sought help from the medicine man and was told — by him seeing the skinwalker running by the car, it was in some way tied to someone trying to do his family harm. The only reason people do shapeshift things is to harm others.

The investigators conclude…

Most people, in most cultures, have the belief that we all have a life force, energy, or soul within us. When we are deceased, our life force leaves us and goes somewhere else. And at times, we see the result of these energies making themselves known in the physical world. There is an underlying commonality among all of the paranormal events connecting through the idea of multi-Universe or dimensional gates. There are different dimensions and within those different dimensions, you have beings such as Bigfoot, and UFOs seen in our physical world. 

In the Navajo creation stories, it all fits together at the very beginning of time, called the Emergence. In the Emergence, the Navajo people came through several different worlds. There is a hole in the sky that allowed them to climb up through this hole (which is an accurate account of a dimensional gate) and into this world. What if these gates still exist? We are not able to see them, we do not know where they are, but it is possible they are still here. There is so much more to our Universe than we can see in front of us.


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