Four Paranormal Places from the Salem Witch Trials

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There are still places that exist in Salem, MA that remain haunted by The Salem Witch Trials.

The story of the Salem Witch Trials started from a long history of witchcraft beliefs. Witchcraft became prevalent in England during the 13th century. It was viewed as anti-religion and the cause of everyday problems in a person’s life. Witches were believed to have a covenant or pact with Satan and this would endow them with powers and gifts. Furthermore, the Devil had these witches as human minions to do his will. Being hexed or under an evil hand was a common belief in the England faith and this pertained to animals and human sickness and/or issues. They believed that someone could be afflicted by witchcraft in the same manner as you would catch a common cold today. An evil hand was seen as the source in someone’s life if anything unfortunate happened. Settlers arriving in the New World (United States of America) came with the Puritan religious belief system. Part of the beliefs they came with was in witchcraft as the settlers were deeply devoted to their faith.

The Salem witch frenzy began in the home of an esteemed Puritan church leader named Samuel Parris. His young daughter Betty and his niece Abigail became afflicted with an unknown illness. Here are Four Paranormal Places from the Salem Witch Trials that are still haunted today.

The Witch House

The Witch House

The Witch House is the only standing structure from 1692 in Salem. This is the home where arrest warrants were composed, preliminary meetings held, and meetings in regard to the trials that took place. Today, people who visit the house report items flying across the room, shuffling paper noises, and footsteps in the upstairs room. When they go to see what it could be, there is no one or nothing there. There have also been paranormal reports in the attic and a spirit passing like a shadow on the other side of doors.

Gallows Hill

Gallows Hill is the site of the witch trial hangings. 19 people were hung there. Many Salem Tour guides have reported strange activity. One tour guide recalls an event when she was walking up Gallows Hill one afternoon. She was overtaken by an eerie feeling that she should get out of there. She described the feeling as if walking through a sketchy neighborhood and she quickly left the area. Another person came with a paranormal recording device and asked if there were a condemned witch there, a voice answered back, “Yes”. Gallows Hill is on the edge of town atop a hill for all to see. When the hangings took place everyone in the town would have been able to see it. It is ironically noted that a playground is there today.


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The Howard Street Cemetery

There is a spirit of an elder man seen walking in the Howard Street Cemetery, who is thought to be Giles Corey. Giles was a successful landowner and farmer. When accused of witchcraft, he defied the court and refused to answer any questions. Because of his defiance, he was crushed to death under a pile of bricks. Present-day paranormal photos taken at the cemetery have captured many people standing over someone. A Salem tour guide reported a lady on the tour started having heart palpitations like a weight was on her chest, just like Giles had a weight on his chest. Another tour guide was walking with her friend and her friend screamed as she looked up and saw a man in the window looking at her. Before Giles was put to death, he put a curse on Salem and the arresting Sheriff. If you see him, the town of Salem will burn. If he speaks to you, you will die within a week. Weeks after seeing him in the window, a woman was listening to her school’s radio and it reported fires in Salem. Another woman saw him in the cemetery and her house had an explosion. Every Sheriff has died from blood diseases or heart problems since the Jiles curse causing Salem to eliminate the Sheriff position altogether.

43rd Church Restaurant

43rd Church is a charming family restaurant located on Church Street. A worker reports that after four months of working there, on a busy night, she witnessed a woman standing on the staircase looking down at her. At first, she thought the woman had broken into the restaurant. However, upon a closer look, she was dressed in white 17th-century attire. Almost fainting she ran back down the stairs. Sightings like this are common at this restaurant as it is the land of Bridget Bishop’s apple farm. There have been sightings of a woman walking by, a face in the window, hands saw up against the glass, and people feel sadness when there. There was an event, where the workers put the chairs on the floor and when they returned the chairs were suddenly on top of the table. Scared, they ran downstairs. When they went back up to investigate, the chairs were normally back on the floor.

The End of the Salem Trails

The ending of the Salem Witch Trials occurred when a well-respected preacher from Boston named Increase Mather learned of the atrocity. In his article, “Cases of Conscience” he debunked the use of spectral evidence as a way to convict assumed witches. He proved that spectral evidence could and should not be used as the basis to hang someone or put them in jail. The Governor stopped the trials and many people in jail were released. The jurors were changed to include people from the local community and not just the church.

Some Of The Links On This Website Are Affiliate Links Which Means That At No Cost To You, I Will Earn a Commission If You Click And Make A Purchase. Additionally, As An Amazon Associate and Walmart Creator, I Earn From Qualifying Purchases.



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