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Sources and Links: The Story of goddess Isis and god Osiris of Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian Ruins

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Sources and Links: The Story of goddess Isis and god Osiris of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Tale of Isis and Osiris

The Story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus: The Egyptian Myth of Creation

Isis and Osiris Legend and Myth

The Story of Isis and Osiris

Cain and Abel

Nephthys & Osiris?

The Creation Story of Ancient Egypt: Sources and Links


About the Ancient Egyptian god Set

Who is the Egyptian goddess Isis?

The Island of Byblos ruins

Brown Carriage Wheel

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All about the Divine 42 Laws of Ma'at

The 42 Laws of Ma'at are known as The Negative Confessions or The Declaration of Innocence.

The ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at from The Old Kingdom played a significant role in the law, religion, and cosmology of ancient Kemet (Egypt). Traditionally, Ma’at is depicted as feminine with an ostrich feather on her head and sometimes with wings. Her ostrich feather represents truth, morality, justice, balance, and harmony. Ma’at is the principle governing all aspects of life, society, and the Universe. She is the daughter of the Sun God Ra and the wife of Thoth, the God of Wisdom. The ancients believed Ma’at was the force keeping the universe balanced. By doing this; society, the Pharaoh’s ruling of the land, and the afterlife were all able to function correctly.

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Ancient Evidence of Ancient Kemet-(Egypt)

Ancient Kemeticism-All things Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is also known as Ancient Kemet

Sirius B & Orions Belt | The “gods”

The Pantheon | Hieroglyphics  | Egyptology

The Book of the Dead | Kemetic History

Structures & Monuments | Temples | Pyramids

Amateur Archaeology  | Kemetic Magick 

Egyptian Shamanism

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