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Sources and Links: The Creation Story of Ancient Egypt

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Sources and Links: The Creation Story of Ancient Egypt

Cosmic Oceans: The Primordial Waters of Ancient Creation Myths


The Ancient Egyptian Deities


Atum and Amun

Dr. Bob Brier

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess

Ancient Egypt Unveiled

The Egyptian Creation Myth

Ra, The Creator God of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

KJV Holy Bible (Book of Genesis)

Ancient Evidence of Ancient Kemet-(Egypt)

Ancient Kemeticism-All things Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is also known as Ancient Kemet

Sirius B & Orions Belt | The “gods”

The Pantheon | Hieroglyphics  | Egyptology

The Book of the Dead | Kemetic History

Structures & Monuments | Temples | Pyramids

Amateur Archaeology  | Kemetic Magick 

Egyptian Shamanism

In the realm of Ancient Philosophy, Alien Theory, Egyptology, Amateur Archaeology, Ancient History, Metaphysical, and Biblical Interpretations, Dr. Shakira stands as “The Ancient One”; a Master Teacher on a mission to unveil the secrets embedded within structures, spiritual texts, symbolism, religion, and more.

…With a keen “Eye” on Ancient Kemet (Egypt).

Since the age of five, Shakira developed an insatiable curiosity for the ancient world through the Bible. Since then, her spiritual journey and enlightenment led her to kraft a unique perspective of the Otherworldly of the ancient of the past.

Shakira is a Master of Biblical Interpretations of the Holy Bible's King James Version (KJV) with a unique perspective for the otherworldly while still honoring the spiritual message.

Ancient Evidence navigates the passages with deep reverence for sacred texts and scriptures to explore the mysteries and highlight otherworldly narratives long eluded.

Unearthed hidden truths, symbology, and paranormal phenomena embedded within ancient texts. Research diverse cultures, religions, and scriptures catching symbolism and metaphysical signposts.

Stay in tune with The Wheel of the Year. Explore Ancient Philosophical, Spiritual, Eclectic, and Metaphysical insights of our Ancestors.

Immerse in the profound teachings that echo through the ancient ages, connecting your Entire Being with the timeless Ancient Knowledge embedded in ancient sacred texts, exercises, recipes, symbols, holistic, and spiritual practices.


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