The Rock Art of The Southwest Americas

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Southwest Native tribes believe that depicted on the rock art are “The Sky People” or “The Star People”.  

The Rock Art of The Southwest Americas is petroglyphs and depictions left behind by our ancestors in rock and stone. The Southwestern Indigenous people believe these drawings tell a story of prehistoric daily life lived with beings, not from this Earth. There are animals, symbols, humans, and what depicts extraterrestrial travelers. Southwest Native tribes believe they are “The Sky People” or “The Star People”. It was they who came to Earth with the gifts of the cultural establishment, knowledge, wisdom, and knowledge of how to live in harmony with the Universal Laws. These ancient people lived according to the positions of the heavenly astronomical bodies. When you take a closer look at rock art, the beings do not look human. They brought messages and lessons of consciousness, while also being able to traverse time and space in a variety of ways. These gods have Supreme Knowledge.

Some of the petroglyphs are more than 12,000 years old. For over 10,000 years, Native American people have lived in the Southwest of the Americas and have passed down oral knowledge that has remained since when they first inhabited. This ancient knowledge consisted of how their ancestors lived and what they believed. In Mesa Verde, across from the Cliff Palace structure is the Sun Temple. The Sun Temple is aligned in the North, South, East, and West cardinal directions. It is in the pattern of the golden ratio that is found in nature, heavenly orbits, sunflower seeds, and pineapples.

There are comparisons of the patterns in the Sun Temple and The Great Pyramid of Egypt built over 3,700 years earlier. There are similar uses of sacred geometry and the golden ratio. There is a similar alignment with the Orion constellation and Orion’s Belt and was very important to the Pueblo People. The Star People came from the cosmos and from Orion’s Belt. The four main settlements were Pueblo Bonito, Mesa Verde, Northern Aztec Pueblo, and Paquime. They are all aligned along the same line of longitude. The 108th meridian is west from the north to the south poles.

In Chaco Canyon, the Pueblo people created a sophisticated sun dagger about 4000-years ago that was used to measure time. It is called Fajada Butte and tracks the sun and moon precisely. It is used to track an area of the sky where the moon appears every 18.6 years. According to legend, this knowledge came from the teachings of the Sky People. Modern-day tribes such as the Zuni, Ute, Najavo, and Hopi believe the Sun Temple is in the same alignment as Orion’s belt. These drawings reflect beings with antennae. They were life forms that bestowed gifts on humans. Their appearance resembles that of the modern Grey alien. They are small in stature and insect-like.

There are similar connections between the Pueblo people and the ancient Sumerians. The Pueblo people believed in the Sky People and the Sumerians believed in the Anunnaki-both terrestrial relationships. Over 6000-years-ago, Sumer was founded in Mesopotamia. It was the first human civilization with cuneiform text that speaks of the Anunnaki who came to earth and taught wisdom their reverence was due to their status as deities and gods.s. The Anasazi (another name for Pueblo), has a direct connection to Sumer. Anasazi to the Hopi are the Ancient Ones. The Anasazi and the Anunnaki have similarities between them but are very different cultures. Hopi calls the ant, “Anu” and people “Naki” which means, “Ant People”. The Ant People are found in cave drawings 7500 miles away in New Mexico. The Anunnaki landed on large Ziggurats which were their homes. The ancient city of Ur’s Ziggurat is aligned to a location in the sky where the moon appears every 18.6 years just like the sun dagger in Chaco Canyon, which also tracks a point in the sky where the moon appears every 18.6 years.

These ancient monuments all point in the sky from where they came from according to legends. The structures are aligned with geometrical precision to specific stars. The Native Americans and Sumerians may have received the same information which planted seeds of civilizations.


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