Who are The Harmony Makers and Chaos Creators?

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There were six beings there with her, three beings on the left and three beings on the right. They were dressed in heavy monk robes over their heads and were eight feet tall. She was very much aware they were not Angels, or Mother Mary, or Jesus…these were Extraterrestrial beings…

Shelley came face to face with The Harmony Makers and Chaos Creators. Nova Scotia, Canada, November 2002, Shelley was a single mother down on her luck after breaking up with her boyfriend. She decided to drive to her friend’s house to cry in her arms. She jumped in the car with her four-year-old son Evan in the front seat and started along a back-country road. It had been raining for three days and as she approached the last corner, she saw the small lake flooded and coming across the road. As she moved towards the water, she slowed down to 20-MPH when both front tires got caught up, lifting up on the water, and the car began sliding towards the guard rail. Shelley did not realize the lake level had risen over four feet and suddenly the whole car lifted up out of the water and flipped over the guard rail upside down. They went into the water about ten feet. She asked Evan if he was okay and he answered yes. She tried to open the electric window which came down a little and stopped. Within seconds, water barreled into the car. Upside down, she frantically tried to open the door, when water entered her mouth, she yelled to her son to hold his breath.

They braced themselves for the worse. Struggling to open the car door and keep hold of Evan, she realized she needed both of her hands. She reached across his body and pushed him into the back seat, hoping he could find air. Nothing in the car worked and she was out of options, they had to find a way to breathe. As she took a deep breath in there was nothing there but water and it poured down her body like liquid fire. While her lungs were burning, she thought about how this was happening to her child and she knew he was drowning. Shelley took in another big gulp of water, and she died.

Shelley and her son Evan have drowned after crashing into a lake. Her heart stopped and they were trapped underwater in their overturned vehicle. After passing away, she came right up through the top of her body as if someone reached in and pulled her out. Her physical body was still in the car, however, the consciousness of who Shelley was, went to another dimension. She heard an incredible majestic voice speak to her and say, “We’re right here. You’re fine and you have to surrender yourself.” She identified the voice as a man’s beautiful voice and it was lulling her to calmness. At that point, she was not looking for Evan and did not have any Earthly concerns, she was in a state of bliss. Meanwhile, people stopped to assist in getting Shelley and Evan out of the lake. Shelley describes her passing as, one minute you are here, and the next minute you are in another dimension. She was taken to a room in the sky. There were six beings there with her, three beings on the left and three beings on the right. They were dressed in heavy monk robes over their heads and were eight feet tall. She was very much aware they were not Angels, or Mother Mary, or Jesus…these were Extraterrestrial beings…


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One of the beings pulled his hand from under the robe and the skin looked like Mercury in a glass. The skin was in liquid form and his fingers were three times longer than a human’s finger. The first thing they revealed to Shelley was: they are Harmony Makers and Chaos Creators and both are essential to the human experience. She asked, “Why does one person get one experience and another person get another experience” and they answered, “You will get the experience that will most bring you comfort.” Amazingly, she was able to see through everything in the room, under the table, on top of it, everything at one time. She looked down at the table and there was a relief carving of Pangea. The being explained, Pangea was Earth’s body before it separated into the continents. She saw a long finger pick up the dye from the table, make a motion similar to rolling dice, and the dye rolled across the table. As the dye rolled, the landmass in the middle of the relief changed, and was no longer Pangea, it was Nova Scotia. In particular, she saw herself driving up the road. The being who rolled the dye took his long finger, reached down on the table and there was a ‘ping’ sound, and it flicked her car off of the road into the lake. The being who flipped the car, leaned forward and as it did, the robe fell away and she could see half of the face. Surprisingly, it was the most serene beautiful face, made of liquid metal. He was one of the Chaos Creators. The Chaos Creator said, “I’m bored with this” and swept his hand over the relief and the map changed. He swooped his hand again and a volcano erupted in the Southern corner of the board.

Back at the scene on the lake, it has been about seven minutes and Shelley is not responding. The helpers realized she was dead. Meanwhile, in the room in the sky, a Harmony Maker said, “Now is the time to have faith child. We are sending you back with instructions on how to save your son. You must have faith now.” And she was gone. “She exploded back to life” the rescuer described when her heart began to beat again. She immediately asked for her son. Evan had been underwater for 30 minutes with no pulse and no one thought he was going to make it. They were taken to separate hospitals to recover with Evan in a coma and on life support. One day as she walked down the hall from visiting him, the beings were back, standing in the hospital. She knew she was the only human that was able to see them because everyone was walking back and forth without noticing the beings. A voice in her ear, (the same voice she heard before) said, “Hello dear one, let the doctors take care of the human body, they know what they are doing. When family and friends are sitting with him, put your hands on him and let him know you are there.” Shelley organized a roster of family and friends to play music and talk to Evan around the clock. Finally, he woke up. A month later he was released from the hospital and went home. He occasionally has short-term memory but is perfect in every function of his body, thanks to the Harmony Makers and Chaos Creators.

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