The Paranormal State of Alaska

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Merrill’s hand drawing of the Little Beings in the trees

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Alaska is known for its beautiful, breathtaking, serene, natural life and frigid outskirts. The Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) are not the only event in the paranormal state of Alaska. Since the dawn of time, there have been stories of paranormal activity ranging from abnormal lights and UFOs/UAPs that continue today. Residents have reported otherworldly sightings in every corner from Southern Juno to the edge of the Arctic Circle with intensified frequency. UFO encounters have been historically linked to areas of high military activity and Alaska has nine major bases. Most people are familiar with the Bermuda Triangle which is 500,000 square miles of open water in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Although the Bermuda Triangle is more widely known around the world, there has been evidence of the Alaska Triangle which is more mysterious and has more cases of vanishings and crashes. 

The Little Beings in the Trees

(Merrill) lived in Homer, a fishing and tourist town nicknamed The Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea due to the world-class views of the Northern Lights. (Merrill) has suffered in silence for years because she felt no one would believe her experience. She had an eerie feeling that eyes were watching her in the trees. She looked in the trees with her binoculars and saw a little man hopping from tree to tree unconcerned about gravity or falling. Over time, she started to see 100’s of these little men hopping in the trees (See hand-drawn picture above). When she lived in the area there were lots of beautiful, healthy, green, vibrant trees, and today, all of the trees are dead, brown, and hardly any left. The trees have been there for 100’s of years and in a span of two years, they have disappeared and/or wilted. (Merrill) feels this is her confirmation that something otherworldly was in the trees. She thought she was losing her mind because her boyfriend did not believe her until he started to see the tiny men too. The couple eventually moved because of the tree activity and she is not sure if the little beings followed her or not. She often wonders do some people see the little men and some don’t. Or. do the ones who see them not tell anyone? According to Alaskan sky lore, in the story of creation, when the creator first put us on Earth, the little people were the first alien visitors. They were there in an era that preceded everything there now when there was nothing there. These little beings spent ½ of eternity there and then vanished. Did they truly disappear or are they still here?



The Men in Black

In the North Pole where Santa Claus lives and Christmas lines the streets all year around, countless UFOs/UAPs have been witnessed above the frozen skies. There are two military installations in this area that are historically known for encountering aliens and UFOs. One cold night when the Northern Lights were out, (Bullock) arrived home from work to hear her dogs viciously barking. They turned and looked at her with a weird look in their eyes that she described as “Fear like a silent scream”. She looked up to see a huge spaceship that made no sound with four lights spaced about 40 feet apart. The UFO was large enough to suck up her whole house and sneak away. It was flying under the radar and she instinctively knew it did not belong in our airspace. About six minutes later it silently zipped away into the night. The sighting left her feeling very small and that we did not stack up against them in technology. She was at a hometown bar when two uniformed men walked in. She describes them as The Men in Black. These mysterious-looking men asked her what she saw and she asked them who they were and what were they talking about. They told her they know she saw something and they just wanted to know what she saw. She told them she couldn’t tell them anything and she never saw them again. Since the 1950’s there have been reports of the Men in Black intimidating witnesses to UFOs and alien encounters. (Bullock) has always wondered why did they come to ask her questions? How did the strangers know about her and what she had seen? How did they know where she was at that moment? She says, “The guys in the coats came to see me.” The whole incident made her curious to know what it was that she saw in the sky that night. 


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Legends of America

The Alaska Triangle

The Alaska Triangle is located in a vast remote wilderness area twice the size of Texas. This area is hundreds of times more deadly and is located between Utqiagvik, Anchorage, and Juneau. In the last 30 years, 16,000 people have disappeared without a trace, which is two-three times the amount of the Bermuda Triangle. The Alaska Triangle is one of the most mysterious and dangerous places on Earth. Ships have gone missing, planes down, and many people have vanished with no remains found or any good reason. The greatest risk in the Alaska Triangle is in the air with over 2,000 planes crashed or vanished in the last 20 years. The case that baffles investigators to this day is the disappearance of a military transport plane called the Douglas C-54 known as “The Missing Douglas” which vanished in 1950. On January 26th, 1950, the Missing Douglas took off from the Elmendorf Airbase, in the middle of the Alaska Triangle with 44 passengers on board. There were 36 passengers and eight crew members carrying cargo and the C-54 is one of the most important planes in the Air Force. During this time in history, it was a year after NATO was formed and the start of the Cold War. The C-54 was headed East 240 miles to a mandatory point. The plane made the radio call on time and two hours into the flight it vanished without a trace in the Alaska Triangle. There was no distress call or any indication that there was an emergency. After the plane did not arrive at its destination, it was declared missing and an enormous search effort went into action making it a top priority. 7,000 ground troops and 85 aircraft were deployed to help in the search of the enormous area of 300,000 square miles. No one could determine why and how The Missing Douglas disappeared.

In October 1972, a plane carrying the leader of the House of Representatives—Boggs mysteriously vanished on the southern edge of the triangle. With 16,000 people and many planes missing, it remains one of the most mystifying mysteries on the planet. Was it a portal? Wormhole? Is paranormal activity happening in the Alaska Triangle? Was the C-54 abducted by a UFO? The case of the Missing Douglas aircraft remains open and unsolved after 70 years.

The main question these viewers have of the paranormal activities in Alaska is, are these otherworldly events friend or foe?

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