Who are The Grey aliens?

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Who are these alien beings with big heads and giant black eyes that have been visiting our planet for 1000s of years?

Since ancient times, there have been mysterious Beings carved into rock art and stone figures. All around the planet, short, gray beings with large heads and large black oval eyes have been the subject of ancient myths for thousands of years. Ancient evidence suggests strange otherworldly visitors visited Earth then and still visit now, known as The Greys, Greys, or Zeta Reticulans. Who are The Grey aliens?

The Roswell Incident

Roswell, New Mexico-July 3rd, 1947-An unexpected flash of light appeared over the desert near the Roswell Army airfield. The next morning, a rancher (Mac Brazel) investigated the crash and reported his findings to the authorities. The rancher described a field of debris that was unlike anything he had seen before. It was metal-like with strange properties that caused it to revert back to its original shape after crumbling. There were five alien bodies recovered, and none of them looked human. The bodies were transported in sealed coffin-sized boxes, medically examined then sent off for classified research in various locations. The beings were described as the classic Grey alien, standing 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall with black wrap-around eyes, mouth slits, and long arms with 3-5 fingers. 24 hours after reporting they uncovered debris from an unknown flying saucer, US military personnel changed the story to a weather balloon. As a result, the legend of the Roswell coverup started because military-trained personnel could not tell a flying saucer from a weather balloon.

Betty and Barney Hill

The first highly publicized UFO abduction in modern times is the Barney and Betty Hill case. In September 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were driving down a deserted road in New Hampshire when a UFO followed them. They could see the light disappear into the trees only to reappear following closely. The Hills decided to pull over with the engine still running to look at the object through their binoculars. Barney decided to take another look at this spacecraft and could see a flat-shaped object with gray uniformed aliens inside it. Barney felt like they were about to be abducted and ran screaming back to the car where Betty was waiting for him. Hurriedly, they started to drive off and they both felt drowsy. When they awoke again, it was two hours later and they were 35 miles down the road. When they arrived home, they were confused about what had happened to them. They were dirty and missed time for 2 hours. Barney had scuffed shoes and Betty had a torn dress. They had trouble understanding their abduction and sought a psychiatrist's help. Under hypnosis, it was revealed that aliens had abducted them and taken them aboard a flying saucer. They were subjected to invasive physical examinations and samples were collected. Betty was able to draw a star map of where the aliens were from in the Universe. The aliens told her they were from a star system called Zeta Reticuli. The aliens were what is known today as “The Greys”.

There are a large number of reported accounts of Greys abducting humans and taking them aboard their spaceships. There are also stories of humans, being inseminated with alien reproductive materials, resulting in human/alien hybrid babies which were removed from their bodies and grown on alien spaceships. In some cases, people were returned and allowed to visit their hybrid babies after a period of time passed.

Japingka Aboriginal Art, Bradshaw Foundation

The Wandjina

There are figurines and cave drawings resembling The Greys around the globe. Statues with triangular heads and almond eyes have been found in Ancient Sumeria, Armenia, and cave drawings from Europe, and Australia. Cave paintings found in Kimberley Australia dating back 5000 years and are among the oldest representations of Greys ever discovered. According to the 1000s of years-old local legend, the carvings represent ancient spirits called Wandjina who appeared in dreams to create the landscape and influence its inhabitants, and they resemble the typical Grey alien with almond-shaped eyes and almond-shaped heads. The Wandjina were beings who descended from the sky and founded civilization in and around Australia – the Aboriginals still pray to them today.

According to Ken Storch, a paranormal investigator, ETs found on Earth are species that are able to change the genetic code, allowing them to interact with humans and extend the lifespan of their species. The change in the genetic code produced us. Our genetic material is one of the reasons they continue abducting us. Genetic code tweaking continues to this day. The Greys are our space brothers, and Storch does not view them as evil–we are the “means to an end.”

Do the Greys provide a hint of what we may look like at some point in the future? Are the Greys Bio-Engineered beings? Could an alien species such as The Greys travel to Earth from a star system 1000s of lightyears away? Are they space-time travelers from our own future? Do they have the ability to fold space and time with their technology? Are they interdimensional beings? Hopefully, one day these questions will be answered.



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