Three people who experienced The Alaska Paranormal

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Alaskans have reported otherworldly sightings in every corner of the state from Southern Juno to the edge of the Arctic Circle with intensified frequency. UFO encounters have been historically linked to areas of high military activity and this state has nine major bases. Here are three people who experienced The Alaska Paranormal.

Alaska is known for its breathtaking, peaceful, natural environment, and frigid outskirts. The Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) are not the only event in the sky. Since the dawn of time, there have been stories of paranormal activity ranging from abnormal lights and objects in the sky that continue into the modern day. Residents have reported otherworldly sightings in every corner of the state from Southern Juno to the edge of the Arctic Circle with intensified frequency. UFO encounters have been historically linked to areas of high military activity and this state has nine major bases.

There are two military installations in this area that are historically known for encountering aliens and UFOs. Here are three people who experienced The Alaska Paranormal.

Tiny Beings in the Trees

Not all paranormal events take place in the sky. (Merrill) lived in Homer, a fishing and tourist town nicknamed The End of the Road and The Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea due to the world-class views of the Northern Lights. (Merrill) suffered in silence for years because she felt that no one would believe her. As soon as she felt eyes watching her in the trees, she came into close contact. She looked in the trees with her binoculars and saw a little man hopping from tree to tree. He wasn’t concerned about gravity or falling. Slowly, she started to see 100’s of them hopping in the trees (see hand-drawn picture above). When she lived in the area there were lots of lovely, healthy, green, vibrant trees and now she barely recognizes the landscape.

Today, all the trees are dead, brown and there are hardly any left. The trees have been there for 100’s of years and in a span of two years, they have disappeared. (Merrill) feels this is her confirmation that something otherworldly was in the trees. She thought she was losing her mind because her boyfriend did not believe her until he started to observe them too. The couple eventually moved because of the tree activity and she is not sure if the little beings followed her or not. She often wonders do some people see them and some don’t. Do the ones who do see them not tell anyone? Are these beings causing the trees to die off? According to Alaskan sky lore, in the story of creation, when the creator first put us on Earth, the little people were the first alien visitors. They were there in an era that preceded everything there now when there was nothing there. These little beings spent ½ of eternity there and then vanished. Did they truly disappear or are they still here?

The Men in Black

In the North Pole where Santa Claus lives and Christmas line the streets all year-'round, countless alien crafts have been witnessed above the frozen skies. There are two military installations in this area that are historically known for encountering aliens and UFOs. One cold night with the Northern Lights out, (Bullock) arrived home from work to hear her dogs viciously barking. They turned and looked at her with a weird look in their eyes, described as fear like a silent scream. She looked up and saw a huge spaceship that made no sound. There were four lights spaced about 40 feet apart. The UFO was large enough to suck up her whole house and sneak away. It was flying under the radar and she instinctively knew it did not belong in our airspace. About six minutes later it silently zipped away into the night. She felt very small and that we did not stack up against them. It made her curious to know what it was that she saw.

“The guys in the coats came to see me.”

She was at a local bar when two uniformed men walked in. She describes them as The Men in Black. These mysterious-looking men asked her what she saw and she asked them who they were and what they were talking about. They told her they knew she had witnessed something and they just wanted to know what she observed. She told them she couldn’t tell them anything and she spoke to them again. Since the 1950’s there have been reports of the Men in Black intimidating witnesses to UFOs and alien encounters. (Bullock) has always wondered why they came to ask her questions. How did the strangers know about her and what she had seen? How did they know where she was at that moment? She says, “The guys in the coats came to see me.”

The Orbs in the Sky

(Carter's) wife and he were unprepared for what they saw in the sky. As they were getting into the car there were orange orbs in the sky coming toward them. The orange coal-sized orbs bounced off the car like waves. The moment his wife (Roehl) saw the orange orbs she thought it was an intelligently controlled UFO. Another orb came right behind the first one, all at the same altitude, same speed, same elevation, and were spaced the same distance apart. A 3rd orb joined and more were flying, making a total of seven. (Carter) is still not exactly sure of the total count. They flew together without missing a beat. They did not make a sound and were extremely bright, a brightness was never seen before. They believe the orbs were otherworldly.

(Stewart) is the Founder of The Alaska Supernatural Institute and a UFO expert. She explains that they are not the only ones to see multiple UFOs at the same time. Some theories as to why there could be multiple crafts are the UFOs could be traveling from point A to point B, doing an activity in that specific location or they could be interacting with people in that location who are viewing the sighting. It is not just what they saw, it is the specific spot in the sky where it all happened. It happened in an area where there is a small airstrip called Merrill Field. There is a large military presence there and Alaska is built on aviation.

Whatever it was that these people saw, they all feel like the presence was not from Earth. The main question these viewers have is, Are these otherworldly events friend or foe?


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